History of Persian Civilization.

Iran is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It was the cradle of human culture for thousands of years, and Iranians are still proud to call themselves descendants of one of humanity’s earliest peoples. The country currently stands at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa, meaning that when Iranians do anything new in their country they are planting a seed in three continents simultaneously.

Iranians have always been innovators. The nation was once home to an advanced civilization called Persia 2,500 years ago when Greek philosophers included them in their discussions about geopolitics and democracy. They were also responsible for inventing wine 2,700 years ago.

In addition, they were the first to recognize that the Earth was round. In fact, their word for Earth—’eretz—is derived from the same root as the word “round.” They chose this word because of their familiarity with water. Since water always seeks a level surface, they had to have realized that the earth must be a sphere for this reason alone.

Iranians were also among the first people on Earth to use a solar calendar. Their calendar was ahead of Europeans’ by about 2,000 years because of Iranians’ advanced calculations and knowledge of astronomy at that time.

In case you didn’t know, the word for water in Persian is ‘anbar. In their language, ‘anbar is a noun—water—but when placed after a verb it takes on the meaning of “to become.” For example, you can say that something became red because of your application of red paint to it. This metaphor very clearly demonstrates Iranians’ recognition of water as an element.

Although they weren’t the first people to do so, Iranians were also among the first people to leave Africa and move to Europe. According to historians, they crossed deserts and wandered through hot sands for years without food before arriving in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). This is reflected in their name for themselves, the “Anatolians.”

In addition to being active in agriculture and becoming known for their vineyards, Iranians were also among the first peoples in history to produce silk and cotton (which were used before the rise of modern textile production).

As demonstrated thus far, there was no way that Iranians could not be an important part of human civilization’s story. They were certainly a major contributor to it.

Iranians’ contributions such as these should be acknowledged and enjoyed by the world at large because they should be seen as a source of hope and pride for other nations who wish to see themselves as part of this great civilization.

The cultural wealth of Iran is so great that it deserves to be ranked among the top countries in the world. The world should continue to hold its breath not so much because of Iran’s nuclear program but because it is anticipating the next Iranian innovation.

The only way for civilization to improve is for innovators to come up with new ideas, implement them, and move forward after seeing the results of these actions. Iran has always been willing to pursue new avenues because it wants others to enjoy what it has created.

Congratulations are due because 2,500 years ago this country was able create a sophisticated and progressive culture that is still admired and respected today. It is a matter of national pride that Iranians continue to be the world’s inventors, artists, and scientists because it is their country’s history and culture that have shaped today’s modern society.

However, despite being so advanced, Iran has been relegated to a place on the global stage as a pawn for any politician who wants to use it as a bargaining chip. In fact, this was recently demonstrated when the United States refused to meet with our representative at the UN.

The U.S.’s actions were in no way an official government position. America is not at all against Iran. However, the presidential election campaign begins next year and politicians need to use whatever they can to promote their own agendas.

America’s actions were a reflection of a few people’s personal agendas, because Iran has been a friend to the United States since it came into existence. It was Iranians who brought democracy to Greece. This nation should be respected as an upstanding presence on the global stage. In fact, it should be respected as a model for all other nations to follow because of its rich history and culture.

Iran is one of the world’s best countries. This should be recognized because its history has shaped modern civilization and it is culturally rich. Here are some examples of this country’s achievements:

*One of the first civilizations to use eye-shadow (2,500 years ago)
*The first to recognize that the Earth was round (2,500 years ago)
*First people to leave Africa and move to Europe (2,000 years ago)
*First people on Earth to produce silk and cotton (probably 5,000 years ago)
*Produced Persian paper (4th century BC) in Iran. Before that, papyrus was used in Egypt.
*Invented wine 2,700 years ago
*Invented a solar calendar (2,500 years ago)
*Invented eye-shadow 2,500 years ago. In fact, they were the first to use any kind of makeup. Women in Greece were considered too “savage” at the time because they had no interest in adorning their faces with paint.

Although there are many ways to classify countries on a global scale, it can be helpful to look at each nation through a few different lenses. For this reason, I have created a “Country Lens” to show how Iran is viewed around the world.

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